Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Maybe He Should Have Written A To-Do List...

Did you every have something really, really REALLY important you had to do, but then you got caught up in other stuff and kind of forgot what it was?

Remember how, throughout Avengers Vs. X-Men, Cyclops has been an incredibly single-minded butt-head, because there was one super-important reason to allow the Phoenix Force to come to Earth?

The Phoenix Force was rebirth, and it was going to undo the Scarlet Witch's erasing of 99% of the world's mutants. Nothing was more important than this--NOTHING!!

So...the flaming bird thingie shows up, but instead of possessing Hope, it takes over the main team of X-Men. And of course, the very first thing Scott does is restore all the mutants, right?

Uh..."every" goal, Scott? What about...?

Well, yeah, food is nice, but your first priority was...

All right, water and energy are cool, but so far you haven't resurrected a single mutant, have you?

Well, yes, disarming the world is good...but wasn't preserving your race your entire reason for welcoming Phoenix?

Yeah, Pax Utopia, great...but are you ever going to get around to re-empowering the 99%ers?

Hello? Scott??

(And is Captain America--or anyone--going to point out to Cyclops that he's lost the mission?)


Siskoid said...

The only way this can go now is that every Marvel title splatters a big THE END on the tail of this month's issues.

Dan said...

@Siskold, Ha! Exactly.

notintheface said...

Also, if he's got 1/5 of the Phoenix force, why does he still need the VISOR?

If you've ever read the original Phoenix Saga, you'd see Jean holding back Scott's eye-blasts with her power WHILE SHE WAS MAKING OUT WITH HIM, which would indicate she wasn't exactly straining to do so.

So why can't Scott use his Phoenix power to hold back his blasts? Or even to FIX what was making them uncontrollable in the first place?

snell said...

In fairness, Scott does explain to Professor X why he keeps the visor ("as a reminder of having to always exercise control" or some such...don't have the issue in front of me at the moment..)

Anonymous said...

I believe the line was about remembering Xavier's lessons of having a singular vision. And Scott was without vision (in his civvies) later in the issue anyway before the Avengers arrived.

notintheface said...

Keeping the visor as a reminder DOES seem like a Scott thing to do.