Saturday, June 16, 2012

Things Are Very Strange In Riverdale

Jughead Jones is famous for not being interested in the ladies of Riverdale.

And for some reason, this really bothers the gals, as these fine young women have formed a support group of sorts:

United Gris Against Jughead? WTF?

There's no indication of what they plan to do when they catch him...smoochin', probably, or other such sordidness.

Someone ought to tell these girls that there's precious little chance that the example of Jughead will suddenly dry up the libido of high school boys...

Poor Jughead...pursued by countless attractive teenage girls who want to torture him with hugs and kisses and...

It's a rough life in Riverdale, is all I'm sayin'.

From Jughead #178 (1970)


SallyP said...

Jughead? JUGHEAD??


Now Reggie, I could understand. He's...dreamy.

Martin Gray said...

No wonder he's not interested in the girls of Riverdale, look at those smashed-in heads! Ouch.