Thursday, December 13, 2018

Zatara And The Dead Presidents!!

Yeah, yeah, I've been doing a lot of Zatara storys lately--I go wherever the comics winds take me.

Also, sorry for the muddy panels here. Hey, DC, how about a Zatara Omnibus, so someone can clean up the surviving art a bit? Hmmm?

Anyway, there's a gang of counterfeiters running about town!

Yup, when you're Zatara, money talks!

That little letter C is a clue--an artist/engraver is being held prisoner by the gang, and forced to make plates for printing money, so he put his (tiny) trademark in each one as a message in a bottle.

That's enough for Zatara to track them down, and give them their just desserts!

YOW!! Don't frak with Ben Franklin!

I'm glad they didn't forget the poor, neglected $2 bill...

If only Hamilton had shot that well in the duel...

The guys are lucky...Harriet Tubman would have kicked the butts much more thoroughly

Oh, man...what about the $1000 bill? Or $5000? $10,000? C'mon, Zatara, animate the $100,000 bill, so we can see Woodrow Wilson kick ass!!

Imagine what Zatara could do with Bitcoin!

From World's Finest Comics #20 (1945)

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