Friday, December 7, 2018

How To Impress Batman!!

Some thug stole an old lady's necklace right in front of him, but Kyle Rayner couldn't go Green Lantern on the guy because of secret identity stuff.

He was, however, able to get the guy's license plate, and so with a quick call asking J'onn to use the JLA's computers...


Yup, he won't even know you're there.

Before you assume he's a total dick, Batman was running an undercover op infiltrating the thug's gang, and he didn't want Kyle to screw up that mission.

Which Kyle does anyway.

But, when he goes up against the goomba--without a power ring!!--and gets himself stabbed...

...his stubbornness in pursuit of a trivial goal... enough to impress even Batman:

Welcome to the cool club, Kyle!

From Batman Chronicles #15 (1998)


SF said...

Joe Staton inked by Bill Sienkiewicz?! That's an ... interesting choice, two great tastes that are kind of weird together. Kept on thinking it might be Howard Chaykin...

snell said...

Such is life in continuing anthology titles, methinks. Some of the the stories often feels like piecemeal work, finished by whomever came around the office looking for work that month. "hey, Staton's finished that Kyle Rayner/Gotham piece, and we need it to fill a whole in Batman Chronicles--who's available to ink it in the next two weeks?"