Monday, December 3, 2018

Manic Monday Triple Overtime--Taking A Shine To Luthor!!

Speaking of henchpersons, it's not like an internationally-infamous evil scientist can just walk into Supercuts.

So, aboard his hidden flying fortress:

Umm...I hate to mention this...

But Lex, in this continuity, you're kinda permanently bald--no hair at all!

So what the heck is Wanda doing?

Ahhh....nice and shiny!! 

Hey, even Lex Luthor cares about personal appearance!! You have to look your best before wiping out your arch-enemy!!

From Superman #386 (1983)

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Mista Whiskas said...

I think Lex would be much more likely to care about personal experience, vanity seems to be his chief motivator. Doom would probably say such concerns are for 'lesser men'