Sunday, December 9, 2018

Nobody Laughs At Mr. Fish!!

The moat important thing about this cover... this word balloon here.

Because on the splash page...

...they repeat it for us.

And when we finally meet the titular Mr. Fish?

...they reiterate it one more time!!

The funny thing is, though, that nobody--not a single solitary person--laughs at Mr. Fish the entire story.

A few tears are shed, though...

...maybe it was the fish who were laughing?

From Power Man #29 (1976)


George Chambers said...

I remember this! It was the issue that made me think, "Well, maybe Don McGregor shouldn't be writing comics." McGregor was notorious by this time for missing deadlines with his sometimes poetic and always verbose scripts. I was all charged up for the continuation of Cage's confrontation with Cockroach Hamilton and Piranha Jones, and instead, I got... this.

Mister Fish dies at the end of this story and never appears again (good riddance.) It should be stated that he had no fish-related super powers (nor indeed any powers of any kind) leaving him as the only Marvel character whose sole gift from a mutagenic substance was a bizarre appearance.

snell said...

Actually, Mr. Fish does appear again, but not for another 40 years...