Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Bozo The Robot Is No Ichabod Crane!!

Strange things are afoot in Unnamed City!

What does the coroner have to say?

No, I have no idea what the hell that weird effect is from his head mirror. Has nothing to do with the story...

International man of mystery Bozo The Robot is called in...

Well, word gets out that he's on the job:

No pressure there...

Wait, what?

What the holy hell?

OK, I'm freakin', man!!

And so is Bozo!

After a chase and death traps and the like...

Wow, even headless men can snitch!

At the secret HQ...

Oh, yeah!!

Bozo is a very considerate robot:


If only Ichabod Crane could have read this story, Sleepy Hollow might have had a very different ending...

From Smash Comics #24 (1941)

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