Monday, December 10, 2018

Manic Monday--The Worst/Best Death Trap Ever!!

Robin is after a gang of children who have been carrying out audacious robberies!

He finds them stealing some radium--and the fighting is on!!
But wait...

Thank you, helpful dotted line and arrow!

But what could that mark mean?

Sure, sure, Dick Ric. A child has never had his collar buttoned, in school or church or because his family made him dress formally. Ever.

Not the most solid deduction in the world, is all I'm saying...even though it turns out he's right.

Still, children or little people, they put the beatdown on Robin!!

And just in case you thought costumed adult villains from Batman '66 were the only ones into staggeringly deadly death traps:

Roller skates? Really?


OMG no!!

Now, I know Robin says he's groggy, but he could steer himself into the wall, or take a deliberate tumble before he gets to the intersection. Sure, he might get some scrapes or bruises, but it's better than getting killed by traffic, and it's pretty easy to do.

But no, Ric Grayson has to show off:

I have to be honest--the whole reason I'm doing this post is just so I can use the word "batpoon."

What you want for Christmas? You've already got a batpoon, and now you have free roller skates! Let's not be greedy, Robin!!

From World's Finest Comics #18 (1945)

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