Monday, December 3, 2018

Manic Monday Bonus--That's Not How Hybrids Work!!

A tricky day to be Lorna The Jungle Queen Girl and her monkey Mikki:

No, that's not the hand of's much, much worse!

What the hell is it?!?



OK, now try to get the images of crocodiles and apes mating out of your mind's eye. Good luck.

Because I know you're curious--no, this isn't an alien, or a robot, or some crook with some kind of Scooby Doo disguise, or anything goofy like that. All the explanation we get is the "hybrid" balderdash.

This was a Timely comic, so if it helps, you can just assume Arnim Zola was hiding in the jungles of Africa in the 1950s, performing perverse experiments...

Anyway, our unnamed hybrid wipes out a village...

So it's up to Lorna and Mikki to stop the titan!

Goodbye, unnamed hybrid. Maybe we can bring you back in an Agents Of Atlas story, someday...?

From Lorna The Jungle Girl #8 (1954)

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