Monday, December 3, 2018

Manic Moday--The Legion of Doomed Sidekicks!!

Did you ever wonder why super-heroes get sidekicks, but super-villains don't?

Oh, super-villains have plenty of henchmen, mostly faceless droogs to do the grunt work and get beat up by the heroes.

But generally, they don't have costumed partners, sidekicks in the classic sense. Why?

Well, Penguin is wondering the same thing:

So, introducing:

Chick, Toyboy, Honeysuckle, Kitten and Sardine--The Legion Of Doom, Sidekick Edition!!

As far as I can tell, these guys have never appeared anywhere else, ever.

So there's a challenge for Scott Snyder--as long as he's going to tell a never-ending Legion Of Doom story in his Justice League run, how about making room for these cute sidekicks?!

From Super Friends #1 (1976)


George Chambers said...

Was... was there a scene where they raided an orphanage to get the kids, or something?

snell said...

There was never a shortage of orphans/homeless waifs when the heroes needed sidekicks...

But no, there was no such scene. They just appeared, fully formed.

Dale Bagwell said...

Damn. Good question, ask and answered. Never saw these guys before though. Definitely a ripe time for some hardcore, grim and gritty teen killer sidekicks.

Martin Gray said...

I can see why Sardine got canned.