Saturday, April 25, 2015

The Oddest Cover You've Never Seen--Ditko's Non-Existant Devil/Shaman/Pirate Dude!!

Because some lazy Saturday mornings... need to see Steve Ditko draw a crazy devil/shaman/pirate/WTF dude hurling bundles of dynamite--conveniently labeled "dynamite"!--at our heroes.

No, I don't know what our villain's deal is, because no story remotely resembling this appears anywhere inside the comic. Oh, Charlton!


...what is this guy's deal?!? I need to know!!!

Strange Suspense Stories #20 is from 1954


Oculus Orbus said...

Okay, the color scheme says to me "Etrigan" so I would go with devil... except that it looks like the guy was miscolored red and yellow where he should have been peachy, so in the final analysis I'm gonna go with shaman (although considering it's a Charlton comic he'd probably be called a Voodoo Witchman or something.)

Me, I don't see any pirate in there.

Oculus Orbus said...

...except for the honking great pirate sword and skull belt he's sporting. D'oh!

Now I don't know again.

JohnnyBob said...

I t5hink WTF is the most accurate.