Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Bold Fashion Choices--Metropolis Is No Gotham!

So Lana blows Pan's flute at Clark, because Metropolis, and...


Oh, you magic artifacts!!

Well, it's not too tough for Clark Kent to cover up, right? He can wear a jaunty hat...

...or an icebag...

...or just be Mr. Action Skydiving Reporter!

Well, it might be a bit harder for Superman to cover up...although he really doesn't need to!

But Kal-El is vain and all that. Unfortunately, he chooses the worst solution possible:


What the hell, Superman? Are you the Composite Batman, or what?

Supes, who cares if he can see the points on your head? C'mon, this is pre-Crisis DC!!

Unfortunately, the Man Of Steel has developed an unhealthy preoccupation because of his new clothes:

Yes, Superman is now obsessed with scaring crooks as much as Batman does!!

It doesn't go too well, though...


So. Either Metropolitan crooks are far more sophisticated than Gotham hoodlums, or that combo costume ain't gonna cut it.

Let's test that, Kal-El, by going au natural:

Well, sure. Duh.

Later, after the magic has worn off, Clark discusses recent events with Bruce:

Waaah wahhhhh!

From Superman #405 (1985)

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Okay, now that's funny.