Monday, April 13, 2015

Manic Monday Triple Overtime--Science Fiction's Response to Pink Floyd!!

In the distant year of 1985, space travel will be routine! We'll even have space cruises!

And our cruise director? The popular and friendly Johnny Miller!!

Yeah, Johnny may look like he's got it all together, but he's haunted by memories from his youth--of an evil teacher!

Well, fortunately, she's long in his past, and he'll probably never see her agai--


As you can imagine, the cruise is now a joyfest!

Ahh, but there's a bright side to having the old hag stern but loving teacher along. For the cruise is attacked by space pirates, and Johnny and Miss Hepzibah are marooned on a primitive planet. And...

Hey! Teacher! Leave that dinosaur alone!!

So go ahead and hate that mean old teacher you used to have. But remember, you might need them if you end up stranded on a dinosaur planet!!

From Adventures Into The Unknown #173 (1967)

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Mista Whiskas said...

Of course if it had worked out that he was able to escape while the T-Rex had the old bat for a snack a different lesson altogether would have been had ;)