Friday, April 17, 2015

Bold Fashion Choices--The Immortal Emperor!!

Debuting in the pages of Mystery Comics #4 (1944), we have a particularly well-dressed villain:


The thigh-high green boots over the way-too-short shorts...the tunic...the groovy flower...And perhaps most of all, that helmet!

Rest assured, The Immortal Emperor is not a robot...

He is an alien, working for Lilith, queen of the "planet that orbits the moon."

As near as I can find, we never see the guy with his helmet off...but more research is required.

Perhaps he deliberately looks so Wonderman and others won't take him seriously!

I mean...just look at the guy!

Someone needs to revive this guy--stat!!

SPOILER ALERT: he doesn't die.

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Dan said...

Fountain pen head? Eraser head? I can't decide.