Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Superboy Vs. Daredevil, Round I (Don't Ask!)

So who has the better powers while blind, Clark Kent or Matt Murdock?

Well, filtered through typical Silver Age insanity, we have an answer for you.

See, Clark Kent has a new pair of foster parents (don't ask) and they're using his powers to break the bank at an illegal casino (don't ask):

But our evil gambling magnate has a plan!

Dude!! Superboy can tell what color a playing card is while wearing lead goggles!!

So of course he gets the answer right, and...


Look, I told you not to ask...oh, all right. The Kents are possessed by "thermo-electric" alien criminals who are trying to turn Earth into a flame world, and are constantly monitoring Superboy, so he pretends to abandon the Kents favor of the Zeroes, who are really Polar Boys parents come from the future to help, and the Superboy uses super-hypnosis AND super-ventriloquism to set up this whole pick a card stunt, so the thermo-electroids will think the Kents are about to die, so they'll abandon those bodies in favor of the Zeroes, but since they're really from Tharn their super-cold powers "destroyed" the aliens--hey, what about that code against killing?!?!?

Ahh, Silver Age...

Anyway, the important point is that, while Matt Murdock can "read" by feeling ink impressions, I don't think he can tell the color of the ink, as Superboy can. (Someone will doubtless tell me that I'm wrong.)

So the first round to you, Kal-El.

From Superboy #148 (1968)


anthrax2525 said...

Oh the Silver Age, when writers could throw any B.S. at the reader and it'd fly as long as nobody was late to happy hour on Friday...

Mista Whiskas said...

File this as reason 2,340 I'm thankful I was came of age before the Silver Age.

Also, ok, so as silly as it is for Superboy to use his 'super memory' to remember there is this difference in red and black card surfaces, but how can he then discern whether such a slight difference exists in this instance? Super-sensitivity? Good grief Silver Age Superman is the worst.

SallyP said...

Or...possibly the best, when it comes to sheer craziness!