Saturday, April 11, 2015

Simple Hobbies Of The Golden Age--Make Your Own Conch Horn!!

Hey, kids--

Anyone? OK, let's go!

How do we start?

Well, that's a doozy of a first step. There aren't a lot of 14 inch conch shells lying around the mean streets of Kalamazoo. Maybe instead of "anyone can make this conch horn," the piece should have been called "anyone living near the ocean can make this conch horn."


Oh, man, this is too much like work!

Make a jig or a holder? Good lord, can't I just order one off of Amazon or something? (Actually, yes, you CAN order one from Amazon!)

So why the hell would i want a conch horn, anyway?

Children? Playing unsupervised? What hellscape is this?

But yes, that would be a grand way to call "my gang" together.

Anything else?

Oh, yes, "call the help." Such a pleasant euphemism for "command the slaves."

Never mind, I can do without a conch horn.

Maybe I'll just download an app...

From Blue Bolt #91 (1948)

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