Monday, April 20, 2015

Manic Monday--Love, 1970s Style!!

Let's meet our players!

What is this--a romance comic, or character descriptions for True Detective season 3?!?

Anyway, our swingin' 70s duo hits it off famously:

Is that the Phoenix symbol in the background??

Anyway, once the kissin' stops, the feudin' begins!

If you weren't there, I swear that every conversation between a man and woman ended up like this in the 70s! Every single one!

Our lovers continued to see each other...and continued to fight!

And more misunderstandings await!

Oh, yeah.

Really--I swear that's what everyone was like in 1973!!

Sadly, the middle pages from this comic are missing, so we can never know what happened between Jaycee and Brad. Or even what Jaycee stood for. Perhaps future archeologists can unearth that data...

From Time For Love #35 (1973)

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