Friday, April 17, 2015

Comics Never Lie To Us, Chapter DCCXLIV: Playing Cards Can Kill You!!

So, I'm reading one of those "look at these crazy things that are true" space-killing feature pages in The Unseen #14 (1954).

And there was this bit, that seemed particularly unlikely:

Sure sounds like an urban legend, doesn't it? A ridiculously convoluted Rube Goldberg-ian way to kill yourself, combined with too-good-to-be-true "facts" like everyday playing cards being explosive.

Well, guess what? The damn story is 100% true. The panel's details are a bit off, but as Snopes tells us 
...when the pressure built up to a high enough level, the resulting explosion shot the bits of playing cards out of the pipe with enough force to penetrate Kogut's skull.
Holy crap.

So, next time someone is looking for an idea for a Joker story...

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