Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Then There Was That Time Dr. Doom Fought Crime In The 1950s!

Do you know who the greatest crime fighter of the 1950s was?

Yup, you read it here first. Before he became the Lord Of Latveria, Doctor Doom was a master criminologist!

He even passed along his crime-fighting skills to students...like that one day at the museum...

Fair point, Doctor!

Yipe, indeed!!

So it's time for the tragically disfigured roguishly handsome Doctor Doom to leap into action--criminologist style!

There is one clue that everyone else missed!

Well, there's a scuffle, and a clue or two, and Dr. Doom comes to suspect that miscreant Reed Richards  Mr. Bowe, the arrogant and snobby museum director!

Never trust snobby museum directors!

Especially ones who keep "quaint replicas of a medieval playroom" in their basement!

Well, no doubt because he has a whole cellar full of iron maidens in Doomstadt, the good doctor can't be stopped by such tomfoolery!

And Doctor Doom never lets the bad guy get away!


Another case solved!!

Once again, just like the noble monarch we know today, Dr. Doom has stuck it to rich people trying to commit crimes!! Thank you, Dr. Doom!!!

From Thrilling Crime Cases #41 (1950)


Brian said...

Now, for fun, someone just photoshop the metal mask onto the criminologist Doom there in all of the panels...

Mista Whiskas said...

A smoke pot or pot smoke?