Monday, March 23, 2015

Manic Monday Triple Overtime--The #1 Reason Not To Ban Chewing Tobacco!!

The "young mistress" of the W-W Ranch, Wilma West, decides to teach a lesson to "Bull" Slaine, the "town tough" who has been bullying her ranch hands:

Well, when you humiliate a Western bully, you can bet the ranch that he'll come back for disproportionate revenge!

OK, well, that's maybe going a bit too far.

Fortunately, faithful old ranch hand Sonora Sam finds Wilma in time...

But how can he stop a dangerous snake??


An "unerring stream of tobacco juice" spit into a snake's eye works every time!!

So it's your choice, America--ban chewing tobacco, and put us all at the mercy of venomous snakes!!


...I think Sonora Sam just might get lucky tonight...yet another reason not to ban chewing tobacco!

From Western Crime Busters #1 (1950)

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