Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A Change Of heart (And Brains)

Vertigo books are running this page in the back all month, pumping up the new show:

You could quibble about, say, Constantine. But it didn't start as a Vertigo book (although it is one of the books that started Vertigo); and the book's current incarnation is nu52. So maybe it doesn't count.

Or maybe we're meant to parse the whole sentence, and it is Vertigo's first series on the CW. Aim high, Vertigo, aim high.

Of course, Vertigo and DC weren't quite so proud and boastful about iZombie when they cancelled the book, and forced a truncation of the final storyline. No trumpeting about Eisner Award nominations then.

And DC/Vertigo didn't seem all that enamored of the book when they fired writer/co-creator Chris Roberson.

But hey, TV money changes everything, I guess. Now they can be all triumphalist about the book that they previously didn't think worth keeping around.

Still, the article perhaps should have been headlined "iZombie is the series Vertigo shit-canned and forgot about until the CW was desperate for new programming--but now we love it!! Watch it!!"

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