Friday, March 20, 2015

Friday Night Fights--Pirate Vs. Ninja Style!!

Throughout history, one unanswerable question has plagued mankind:

Who would win in a fight--a pirate or a ninja?

Well, this week's Friday Night Fights answers that one pretty decisively.

"Carib Indian" pirate Captain Fear is stealing a valuable document (long story) from the governor of a Spanish colony. Much gold and huge international ramifications are at stake...

Ah, but there is another interested party!

DING!! DING!! DING!! Pirate beats ninja!! It's proven, scientifically!!!

Spacebooger is a stickler for details, so he wants you to know that the document in question is "a secret communique between dissident factions in Japan and the King of England! The Japanese are offering to finance England's current war against Austria in exchange for England's help in overthrowing Japan's ruling Shogun!"

History's greatest debate solved by David Michelinie and Walt Simonson in Unknown Soldier #255 (1981)

Now is the time for you to go and vote for my fight. Why?!? PIRATE VS. NINJA. Duh. So go vote!!

1 comment:

SallyP said...

It has really gotten to the point where Aunt May can beat a ninja.