Thursday, March 19, 2015

A Massive Hatful Of Romance!!

I know that I've mentioned this before...

...but Charlton published an awful lot of romance comics!

12 count them twelve!!

Obviously, some were bi-monthly (possibly most, but I'm too lazy to look it up) it's not as if there were twelve different Charleston romance comics on the newsstand each and every month.

Someday I'll have gathered enough issues from various quarter bins to test whether each and every book contained stories that were consistent with the title--were the stories in For Lovers Only really only for lovers, for example? Only teenager stories in Teen-Age Love and Teen Confessions?--or were the stories just randomly assigned to fill out the romance-assembly line at Charlton?

Kudos to the Charlton ad person who first said, "Hey--I can get all of the logos into the shape of a hat! That would make a great in-house ad!"

From I Love You #101 (1973)


SallyP said...

I blush to confess that I love these old Romance Comics. They are just TERRIBLE! And hilarious!

Brian said...

I misread that as "a HATEFUL of romance" and will never apologize!

Sina said...

Deadpool should *totally* do a one-shot "Bromance" parody of classic Romance comics...complete with Steranko or another classic/legend on art (the Sterank is my first choice, tho :D) with special guest-stars Patsy Walker/Hellcat & crew!!! :P