Saturday, March 14, 2015

History Is Much Cooler Than You Thought, Haney-Style!!

Scene least likely to have actually ocurred in WWII?

Well, you'd think that, wouldn't you?

But that's not a hoax cover, people:

That's Herman Goering dressed like Nero, commanding gladiator games between Nazi stooges and a (nearly nekkid) Unknown Soldier.

Because there's what you think you know about WWII, and what Bob Haney does know about WWII.

I know which one I'm going with...

From Unknown Soldier #259 (1982)


SallyP said...

Oh Haney. And God, but Joe Kubert could drawn the heck out of everything!

Sina said...

Okay, I officially checked out Mr. Haney's Wikipedia page after this post for this wildly zany story ("Bob Zaney"? :D), just to see if his "official" creds match up to his rep :P

Seriously, I've been presented with many a *brilliantly* delirious, whacked-out storyline/plot/concept from many different fan-sources (such as yours, snell :D ) through the years in regards to Bob's oeuvre & I honestly *love* the freedom, inspiration & outright bravery that the man shows in his willingness to go wild & be different :D & also to do so in an over-the-top, professional way that leaves the characters both unaffected *AND* manages to keep them from becoming *caricatures* of themselves (ie: it stays "true" to the characters, rather than being cartoony, laughable, throwaway out-of-canon caricatures, etc).

Unfortunately, it *doesn't* translate to a credit as such on his wiki page :( his bio there doesn't really give much impression to this effect, other than a note for "frequently disregarding continuity" (which isn't the same thing).

From what I've seen, his crazy boldness is very much a creative strength & also very much something that *really* should be given some form of indication at a place like Wikipedia, imo :D