Monday, March 2, 2015

Manic Monday--Great Moments In Inappropriate Ad Copy!!

Back in the day, Marvel used to put out a monthly puzzle & game magazine:
See, the heroes all loved it, and...

Wait a minute! What the hell was that again?!?

Uhh...Too much information, Jessica?

You should see what happens when you show her a Sudoku!

Ad appeared in Captain America #250 (1980)


Tony said...

I think I'm more concerned with the WordWebs making Spidey tingle.

Sina said...

Always good for a cheap laugh, or for some modern snarky know-it-all to point out that "This is supposed to be for kids?!" when used supposedly out-of-context in older media :)

But the phrase "turn me on" actually *does* have a legitimate alternate meaning of "to be or become interested in; often used with to" as in "getting turned on to jazz" (meaning to become interested in that form of music) least according to the Free website (by Farlex) :P

It's related to the fact that "turning on" means to make something work, like "turning on" a light-switch, or "turning on the charm" & is also quite frequently used to be more associated with drugs rather than sex (as in "turning on to acid", etc) :D