Monday, March 30, 2015

Manic Monday--How To Alienate Neighbors And Relatives!

Ready for a Monday morning test?

Oh, don't fret...this is the type of test that can make you money!!

Woo hoo!! I'm on board!! Let's go (with a little help from whoever owned this book before it was exiled to the Quarter Bin):

Sure, we all do!

Well, as long as it's only a little work...

I run a blog--of course they trust me!!

Oh, sorry. You lose.

Let's be honest--I'm reading a Charlton romance comic--what are the odds that I even have neighbors or relatives that I know well??

It's probably for the best--any get-rich-quick-scheme from inside the back cover of a comic book that depended on dumping your goods on neighbors and relatives was probably one to avoid getting involved with...

Ad appeared in Secret Romance #28 (1973)

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