Sunday, March 29, 2015

Marvel's Version Of Matches Malone!!

So, Spider-Man is helping the ghost of a murdered FBI agent (no, really) capture the scum who killed him.

Well, Peter decides the best way is to infiltrate the gang! But how does mild-mannered young adult Peter Parker join a rough and tumble crime crew?

Oh, Peter...don't use your real name!! I mean, a leather jacket and 5 o'clock shadow is a fair disguise, but your real name? Batman used Matches Malone, not Matches Wayne, for heaven's sake!!

And what happens when your gang of killers is going to, well, kill someone?

Smooth, Peter. Damn smooth.

But of course, you're destined to run into someone who knows you...


That was the last we ever saw of "Kid Parker, the dude with the baby face and the fists of steel." But really, we should see some more undercover work from Peter...

This was just another reason 70s Spider-Man was the best Spider-Man!

From Amazing Spider-Man Annual #13 (1979)


Mista Whiskas said...

I remember that story, great. Great art too, who was that?

Mista Whiskas said...

Ah, it was Byrne. I thought so. Great artist.

Brian said...

Although Doc Ock ironically gave him the best possible alibi by outing him as a reporter, rather than giving them the chance to discover that he's Spider-man (or think that he's a cop or something)!