Monday, March 23, 2015

Manic Monday--What The Hell Was Going On In 1975?!?!?!?1

Look, I don't know how to explain this, but 1975 was apparently a vortex of psychedelia, bare chests, randomly changing colors, bare chests, impossible fashions, bare chests, groovy (and constantly changing) wall decor...and bare chests.

So, presenting your drug-free Manic Monday Freak Out! Enjoy!!

Wait...she's wearing what? Huh? that Gamora??

Dude...get a shirt!

He's not going to get a shirt, is he?

I don't think that suitcase is big enough to hold all the outfits that she has displayed...

If Wolverine did romance comics...?

A new town, a new outfit--still no shirt!!

The shifting colors--the chest hairs--the decor.....ahahahahaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!

From Love And romance #21 (1975). Pencils and inks by Enrique Nieto. No credit given for the colors...


Brian said...

"No credit given for the colors..."

The colors are provided be mAdNeSs...

SallyP said...