Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Real Method Wolverine Uses To Keep His Claws Sharp?

It's time for Popeye to go fight some pirates!!

But first, he'd better check his equipment!


Umm...I don't think that's how that works?!? Than again, who am I to quibble with Popeye?

And why the hell haven't we had a Popeye/Wolverine fight?!? I would pay big money to see that!!

From Popeye #22 (1953) as reprinted in Classic Popeye #23 (2014)

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Sina said...

Btw, hey...nice use of the "value-added Wolverine guest-star" marketing ploy in your titling of this post, which had *nothing* to do with Wolverine whatsoever, lmao :P

Why don't you just start titling *all* of your posts like that? "I bet you wouldn't see WOLVERINE doing this kind of thing!", "WOLVERINE would never get knocked out as easily as Hal Jordan does in this issue of GLC!", "WOLVERINE's ward was never a junkie!", "WOLVERINE doesn't dream of electric sheep...but do Androids?", "Where was WOLVERINE 'The Night Gwen Stacy Died'?", "WOLVERINE does *not* appear in Final Countdown To Infinite Crisis...".

lol, see how easy that is? And it would probably safely drive your hit counter up on a base level with no problem whatsoever :P