Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Bold Fashion Choices--The Surfer Goes Chic!

Whiny mope Norrin Radd decides that if he's going to be stuck amongst us poor inferior humans, he'd better look the part:

So...you can turn an ashtray to gold, but you can't whip up your own clothing?

It's not the clothes that are drawing the stares, bro...it's a guy carrying a surfboard in Manhattan!

Still, I've got to say, the Silver Surfer is looking pretty natty here. Sort of "What If? The Phantom Stranger Took Up Surfing?"

Yeah, looking good...better than surfing around naked, right?

Still, I think I've just given myself nightmares of a Silver Surfer/Phantom Stranger team-up, where Mephisto kidnaps them both and forces them to have a whiny brood-off about who has the worst lot in life, and we find out the true origin of the Stranger--he was Galactus' first herald, until God exiled him to the DC Universe.

And once again, you see conclusive evidence of why I AM NEVER ALLOWED TO WRITE COMIC BOOKS.

From Silver Surfer #15 (1970)


Britt Reid said...

"So...you can turn an ashtray to gold, but you can't whip up your own clothing?"

Turn an existing item into gold or try to figure out the fabric templates that go into even a basic suit.
Which is easier?
Hint, it ain't the templates.

SallyP said...

I would so read a whiny brood-off.