Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Greatest Toy In The History Of Mankind!

I'm fairly certain that Don Draper is responsible for this particularly peculiar ad for toys based on Marvel's Secret Wars:

A Doctor Doom toy that speaks (sings?) doggerel about his "Doom Platoon"?? And finishes up with "TOOOOOMB!"?!?

Of course, the toy didn't do any of those things...although it did have a "secret decoding shield":

And while he didn't scream TOOOOOMB, Victor Von Doom did have a "Doom Roller":

Not to mention a Doom Cycle:

 Doom has the most badass toys!

And yet...I'm haunted by the hardcore gangsta Doom, rapping about his Doom Platoon...

Ad appeared in Marvel Team-Up #148 (1984)

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Prof. Chronotis said...

I remember these ads and I always wondered why DOOM was singing that last line. Were we to think that he introduces himself as "Doctor DOOOOOOOM"? I mean, that's not impossible, but it's not the voice I heard in my head when I read his lines.