Thursday, June 5, 2014

Flipping The Cover!

The front cover of Mighty Crusaders #3 (1983):

No big least until you flip it around and look at the BACK cover:

OK, that's pretty a cool idea, using the back as a "next panel" to the front, from the opposite perspective, and revealing our shadowed character (that's Darkling, FYI).

Rich Buckler and Rudy Nebres cheat a little bit, as it's clearly not the exact same scene from the opposite perspective--the original Shield and Fly Girl have gone from lying well behind Eterno (the villain, in an artificial Hangman body--please don't ask) to in front of him, and the Fly and Shield have somehow turned 180 degrees so they're "facing the camera" on the back cover. Still, you've got to allow a little artistic licence, right?

It's a nice little cover gimmick, although it probably just signifies that Red Circle couldn't get anyone to buy advertising on their back covers.

Still, I would much rather that DC would do something like this than yet another round of unnecessary and expensive 3D covers...

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SallyP said...

You're right. That IS a rather cool idea!