Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Love Secrets Of Hal Jordan!

Let's watch Hal Jordan snuggling with the former alien slave he just rescued--who seems to be a bit attracted to him:

Oh, Hal...

"Everything you've learned about women" wouldn't fill a thimble, bro.

Still, when you're right, you're right--the alien female who doesn't want you to leave, won't let go of you, and presses her mouth to yours just might be falling in love with you. Well observed!!

Of course, your having no idea how you feel about her (while she's hugging and kissing you) shows that full emotional maturity is still several decades away for you...

Oh, and how does Dorine react to you wanting to recharge your power ring?

OK, that may be the ickiest metaphor/euphemism ever to grace a Code-approved comic:

"Can I watch you 'recharge your ring'?" 
"No, it's too personal!"


But, I think at least it can help Hal decide how he feels: if you won't let her watch you recharge your ring, you're not in love with her.

From Green Lantern #162 (1983)

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SallyP said...

Poor Dorine. Hopefully she got over Hal, since he dumped her a couple of times. Like everyone ELSE he "dated".

But that look on Hal's face is just priceless.