Monday, June 23, 2014

Manic Baseball Monday--Gremlins Cheat!!

Lemuel Gremlin, Esquire--otherwise known as Lem The Grem--decides to take in a baseball game!

Well, Lem can't let an underdog go without some help, can he?

So how will the imp...ahem..."eliminate" all of the other pitchers?

Well, the first one is easy enough:

Hey--you didn't pay for those!!

Well, Lem knows Americans very well. But what about the rest of the pitchers?!?


So when Lem manages to get Wobbles kicked out the the game for heckling the umpire, a new pitcher is needed. But...

Ah, I love it when a gremlin plan comes together!

Oh, no!!

The only solution, apparently, is for Lem to cheat, Bugs Bunny-style!!


Of course, in the next inning, it turns out some gangsters are trying to fix the game for the Green Sox, and Lem has to stop them--because apparently it's all right for gremlins to cheat to fix the results in a baseball game, but wrong for human gamblers to do so.

So, between between gremlin interferences and human cheating, the moral is clear: Don't bet on baseball,dummies!

Too bad Pete Rose never read this story...

From 4Most #30 (1948)

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