Sunday, June 29, 2014

All The In-Jokes That Are Fit To Print!

Those olde tyme comic creators sure knew how to poke fun at each other!!

Take the Target story in Target Comics 17 (1941), written and drawn by Bob Wood.

If you look at the headlines on some of the newspapers in the story, you'll see some greetings to fellow comic book creators:
This one says "Jerry Robinson, Famous Etcher, Finishes First Job In 3 Weeks."

And then there's a shout out to inker George Roussos (who also used the pseudonym George Bell):

Robinson and Roussos worked with Wood on early stories of The Target, doing backgrounds, inks and lettering. And this is the thanks they get?

Heh heh, chiding your peers for tardiness. One can only wonder what messages about Jim Lee Wood would sneak into his comics if he were alive today...

And yes, that is the same Bob Wood who created Crime Does Not Pay, and went on to murder a woman in a hotel room during an 11-day drunken tryst:

So stay on his good side, OK?

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