Sunday, June 22, 2014

Do NOT Mess With The Original Ghost Rider!!

The original Ghost Rider--no, not the Marvel version, the Magazine Enterprises version that debuted in 1949--could be one scary cowboy.

Villainous rancher Mort Blackstone has a thing against "nesters"--settlers coming via wagon train--moving into "his" valley.

I mean, just look at the guy--

--he's EVIL.

And his men are willing to slaughter the nesters!


But to the rescue rides...

Yeah, Rex Fury had a super fast horse. Yeah, he covers his costume in phosphorescent paint so he glows in the dark. Pretty spooky.

But he also has...

Phosphorous-tipped bullets?!? OUCH!!

Well, Ghost Rider scares away the bad guys...

Yet he has one more trick up his sleeve!


Luminous streamers that kill. Ghost rider, you were a badass!!

FYI, this Ghost Rider was created by Ray Krank and Dick Ayers. Magazine Enterprises went belly up in 1958, and in after their trademark lapsed, Marvel published their pretty-much-completely-identical Ghost Rider, "created" by Roy Thomas and Gary Friedrich and...Dick Ayers, who was now at Marvel!

There should be a Ghost Rider movie starring Nic Cage as Rex Fury...

From Black Phantom #1 (1953)

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