Monday, June 9, 2014

Manic Monday Bonus--Joining A Fan Club, Or Taking A College Entrance Exam?!?

This ad appeared in Star Hunters #2 (1977):

Hey, it was nice that they had fan clubs, and even specific fan clubs for specific franchises.

But you have to  send DC a stamped envelope (they ain't paying for the postage, mister!), and you still don't get into the fan club quite yet.

Nope, then you get a "detailed application form." and a "special questionnaire testing your knowledge." Because why would DC want to make it easy to be in their fan club? Why not make fans pay their own postage and jump through hoops? And with the application you had to send in a $4 membership fee.

I'm just saying, I've seen Ivy League applications that required less. (No, I haven't. It's a joke).

As to our specific chapters:

I have to admit, I had no idea who/what DC Battle Stars was. A little internet poking around indicates that it was catch-all name for DC's many war heroes, as captured here by Fred Hembeck:

In typical DC fashion, this was just a couple of months before the infamous DC Implosion, so the project ended up being unceremoniously dumped almost before it even started. Apparently, only the Superman chapter received their goodies. But everyone else got refunds their $4.

You can look here to see the application form, quiz (for the Legion Of Super-Heroes) and list of promised but never delivered goodies...

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Martin Gray said...

I remember that as, but I never applied. It seemed a big old faff as a non-US resident. Still, nice try.