Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Worst Cover You've Never Seen--Wonder Woman #159!

There are bad covers, and there are BAD covers.

This is one of the latter:

Yes, let's show someone unknown (and not an interesting unknown, even) cover our hero's mouth while we fill over half of the cover with caption after caption after caption after caption.

It might be the ultimate case of tell don't show. Did they really think this would make an attractive cover on the newsstand?

Ah, well, at least it's unexpurgated...

Meanwhile, there are some other covers from the era that I think would make groovy plots for a (very, very hypothetical) Wonder Woman movie:

And especially this one:

I'd buy a ticket for a film with any of those plots....


Siskoid said...

If Egg Fu isn't in the Wonder Woman movie, I'll be very disappointed.

SallyP said...

It's true. He could really rock that mustache.

Oculus Orbus said...

Maybe on of you guys can help with this. there was an episode of The Mary Tyler Moore Show where she's stuck trying to make conversation with a 10 year old (+/-) boy. She tells him about an issue of Wonder Woman that she read as a kid that featured Egg Fu and his infamous Mustache Flip.

Sounded like made-up "camp" bullshit at the time until I learned the character (and the 'stache) was real. Anybody else remember this?

Oculus Orbus said...

Found it! Search youtube for "Anyone Who Hates Kids and Dogs." If you give a crap, the scene is about 13 minutes in. I'm pretty sure she's talking about WW #158, but snell would know better than I.