Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Beginning Of The End?

It's an imaginary story, and Clark Kent a) has forgotten that he was ever Superman, b) lost his powers, c) married Lois, and d) was stranded in Tibet for 5 years!! And he comes home to find out that he has a son!! But not just any son: why the Batman symbol??

Oh, dear.

So that's where it begins--kids thinking Batman is cooler than Superman. And eventually it will lead to 19 Bat-titles per month, Batman starring in the Man Of Steel "sequel," Batman being so badass he can beat all starts right here.

On the other hand, maybe it means that the current DC is just an imaginary story...we can only hope.

From Superman #192 (1967)

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MikeS said...

I'm still hoping the last 28 years were a Dallas-style dream :D