Friday, May 30, 2014

Friday Night Fights--Give A Hoot Style!!

It's time once again to defend my position as the number one Google result for "man-on-animal action."

Which means that, in this week's Friday Night Fights, we find out what happens when you give your pet performance enhancing drugs.

(Apologies for the presentation, but the damned Omnibus this is from is far too large for my scanner. So this involved some clever camera tricks, which still left the occasional bit of glare and distortion and off color. Sorry)

Hourman and Doctor Mid-Nite are investigating mysterious goings-on at a secret military base, when Rex discovers...

The only name we get for this guy is "Jensen." It turns out the base is a secret Allied research base developing germ warfare to use against the Nazis, and they've come up with some "liquid anthrax." And now Jensen has managed to absorb the power of the WMD.

And how does someone with the power of liquid anthrax fight?


But it is effective:

Fortunately, Rex's super-duper pills seem to protect him from actual infection:

Doctor Mid-Nite, though, has no such he's stuck in a hazmat suit!

Ahh, but there's one more player--Mid-Nite's pet owl, Hootie!!


But wait, gentle reader...

Oh, dear. Exactly what happens when you give a wounded owl half a dose of Miraclo?

This happens:

That had to hurt!!!

Spacebooger is just glad that I refrained from making any Hootie and The Blowfish jokes.

The owls are not what they seem in Smash Comics #1 (1999), as reprinted in JSA Omnibus Volume 1 (2014), by Tom Peyer, Stephen Sadowski, and Michael Bair

Now is the time for you to go and vote for my fight. Why? Man, I gave you an owl hopped up on goofballs whooping on a villain!! What more can you want?!? So give a hoot, read a book, and go and vote!!

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SallyP said...

I like Doctor Midnite. Man, I MISS Doctor Midnite!

But that is one badass owl!