Monday, May 12, 2014

Manic Monday Triple Overtime--Crisis On Infinite Toys?

You know who was a really cool cat?

Captain Action, that''s who!!

For you folks too young to remember (hell, I'm too young to remember), the really cool thing about the Captain Action toy was...

Interchangeable masks, costumes and accessories that let him be pretty much any hero--from any company!!

Superman and Sgt. Fury? The Lone Ranger and Batman?!? Holy inter-company crossover!!

Yes, you could buy the basic doll, then purchase kits to make your own League Of Extra-Canonical Gentlemen:

A second wave of of costumes included Spider-Man, Buck Rogers, Tonto and the Green Hornet.

It's hard to picture something like this happening today. DC and Marvel especially are so pissy at each other, they surely have it in the licencing contracts that no one is allowed to make one company's toys interchangeable with anothers.

Which is a damn shame, because a version of Toy Story based on Marvel and DC toys would be the best thing EVER.

Ad appeared in Superman #192 (1967). No, I don't know why Captain America has a gun...


Siskoid said...

It would be the superhero equivalent of Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

Oculus Orbus said...

There's the miniatures game HeroClix that features both DC and Marvel characters. Some really cool minis, but the game is a freakin money pit along the lines of Magic the Gathering.

HeroClix may be the sole exception, though.

David Long said...

Why does Capt America have a gun? I could make some 2nd amendment quip but I think the real question here is...why does Aquaman have a purse?

Bill said...

Captain Action was awesome! He had cool accessories, and a sidekick, and a bad guy, Doctor Evil, who was also wicked cool, with blue skin and a hideous exposed brain! There was a brief DC Comics run which was... okay. More than just a 12" toy soldier, Captain Action was versatile.