Friday, May 9, 2014

Friday Night Fights--Not Really A Black Knight Style!!

We're going Golden Age in Friday Night Fights, folks--a time when men were men, and the heroes quipped as they sent the villain to a gruesome death!!

It's Steel Sterling's first adventure, and he's after the mobster known as the Black Knight...even though he doesn't dress in black, or like a knight. And we never see what's under the who knows why he calls himself that.

Anyhoo, the "Black" "Knight" has just trap-doored Steel Sterling into a pit!!

Rats?!? Oh, no!
I know Steel is new on the scene and all, but given how you just saw your henchman's bullets bounce of him, I don't know why you think rats would do much harm...


So Steel does some impromptu wall climbing to escape...

And now, it is on!

"Butch"? "Dutchie"? ""Spike"? Is this a criminal mob or a casting call for the New Little Rascals?!?

You should have thought of that before you constructed a rat-filled death-trap, Black Knight!!

Spacebooger notes that Steel might fit right in with the nu52...

Petard hoisted in Zip Comics #1 (1940) by Abner Sundell? (script, probably) and Charles Biro (pencils and ink)

Now is the time for you to go and vote for my fight. Why? You just saw what Steel Sterling can do, don't want him ticked off at you, do you? So go and vote!!

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SF said...

"Butch"? "Dutchie"? ""Spike"?

I assumed he was calling his dogs...