Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Tales From The Quarter Bin--Antropomorphization!!

One of the inserting things about the many PSA comic books out there is how the creators chose to present the evils they're trying to combat.

Of course, since they use super-heroes, the good guys need somebody to hit. And you can't hit bad habits or germs or concepts. So the creators anthropomorphize the ills into something more...comic-booky.

For example, in the past we've discussed how, when warning us about the dangers of asthma, Captain America had to fight...the Asthma Monster!!

And when combating the perils of smoking, of course Spider-Man, Storm and Power Man had to face...the menace of Smokescreen!!

The trend continues in my most recent Quarter Bin PSA finds. For when Spidey wishes to battle the scourge of illiteracy...

 ...they still have to give him someone to punch...namely, Troglodyte, a caveman with a ray gun that teleports people into books!!

Yes, messages are much easier to absorb when you give heroes someone to punch!

And when you want Captain America to go to war against drugs...'s always best to show that drugs are the work of an alien race who wishes to see if plucky humanity can be tricked into subjugating itself!

 So aliens come down to Earth disguised as drug pushers...

 Of course, no one believes Mitch...

Oh, Peter David...

Adventures In Reading Starring The Amazing Spider-Man #1 and Captain America Goes To War Against Drugs #1 are both from 1990.

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