Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Budget Guide To Taking Over The World: Chapter I--Cheap Hypnosis Gas!!

Bobby Drake is visiting a villain, Stuart Clarke (a.k.a. Rampage) in the hospital...


Really? There are chemicals stored in hospital dispensaries that can be used to make a hypnosis gas?!?
Well, at least it's only a temporary hypnosis gas. Still, you think OSHA would have some kind of warnings up...

And, admittedly, it's probably cheaper than making your own hypnosis gas--you can bill the insurance company!!

From Spectacular Spider-Man #18 (1978)

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OTL said...

Honestly, after Lex Luthor made an invisibility potion out of mouthwash, orange juice, and aspirin (while in prison!), the idea of making hypnosis gas in a hospital just doesn't seem so far-fetched, y'know?