Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I Miss...The Guardians Of The Galaxy

You know who I miss?

I miss the Guardians Of The Galaxy.

Oh, not the new guys, who are the flavor of the month. You can hardly miss them when they're everywhere.

No, I'm talking about these guys:

The originals. The ones who came first. The ones from the future, who teamed up with the Defenders, who came back in time to fight Korvac, who had their own series (that lasted far longer than the series of the current incarnation, I'm just sayin'.):

Nothing against the new fellows. I loved what Abnett  and Lanning did with the new incarnation of the team. And I'm willing to give a fair trial to Bendis' new version.

But it seems as if the originals have become a little bit forgotten, kind of lost in the shuffle. Go ahead, do a Google Image search on "Guardians Of The Galaxy"--see how far into the search you have to go to find pics of the original...see how pics of the new group outnumber the old about 100 to 1.

Which is a shame, because I miss the originals. I miss the goofy Legion of Super-Heroes-esque "everyone from different planets has different powers" set up. I miss the ridiculously detailed future (alternate) history of the Marvel Universe. I miss Starhawk.

Yeah, yeah, the new incarnation is cool, and dark, and badass. And they had a talking Russian dog who ran their headquarters (who had damned well better turn up in the movie and new series).

But I liked the old guys, too, and I hate to see them fading away into the forgotten ether.

I miss the original Guardians Of The Galaxy...