Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Thor Destroys The Entire Luftwaffe

As we saw earlier today, Grant Farrel was granted the powers of Thor by the Thunder God himself, to stamp out evil on Earth.

Wearing appropriate clothes was not amongst those powers...

But he does know how to clear the ocean of mines while showing off his tush:

And when he gets to Europe, he does a pretty good job of protecting Paris from (unnamed) enemy bombardment.
And now, the greatest feat in Thor history--Golden Age, Marvel, or anywhere else:

So Thor ends WWII early, in pretty awesome fashion!!

(And note they're still referring to Germany just as "the enemy country"--at this point in time, only Timely Comics was gung-ho enough to actually name Nazis as the villains)

This story, in Weird Comics #2 (1940), was Golden Age Thor's last appearance [CORRECTION: Nope, I was wrong, he had 3 more appearances. My bad], as the naked Norseman faded away from memory, leaving the trademark wide open for Marvel.

At least Jack Kirby knew how to dress the new guy...


BrittReid said...

Thor continued to Weird Comics #5, actually losing parts of what little costume he had as the series progressed!
As of #6 he was replaced by a totally-different character called "Dynamite Thor".
The Golden Age version recently returned in the pages of Savage Dragon.

snell said...

You are correct, sir. My source said he had only 2 appearances. I should have checked myself. Mea culpa.