Thursday, March 14, 2013

Meet The Legion Of Lame Heroes

So, Superman has been lured to, and trapped in, a space prison for super-heroes.

Keeping in mind that [SPOILER ALERT] this is a plot my dastardly aliens to remove the most powerful heroes from various worlds so they could be invaded, let's meet this collection of (their own) Worlds' Finest:

OK, so you're essentially Electro. Not too shabby, I guess.

But "metal vapors in the atmosphere"? That doesn't sound very healthy. Are we all going to get cancer or something?

Continuing our roll call:

Balloon Man? And you And...?? That's it? You're your world's greatest hero?

Something tells me his world wouldn't have been too tough to invade...

Moving on...

Hmmm, the name is pretty lame.

And do I understand this correctly? You can freeze things, but only if they're already cold? So really, what's the point?

So the Flame can melt stuff if it's already "super-hot"? Color me amazed.

In essence, Superman is imprisoned with Black Lightning, Flying Bouncing Boy, and the Goldilocks Twins...none of whom have their powers. And their vulnerabilities are atmosphere and a thermostat.

I couldn't have written a more perfect script for a super-escape!! Stay tuned...

From World's Finest #145 (1964), as reprinted in World's Finest #197 (1970)

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Martin Gray said...

This is exciting stuff, hurry up and tell us what happens next - do they meet Indigestion Msn, who can make people ill, but only if they've overeaten!