Thursday, March 28, 2013

Dr. Mortal Is No Dr. Togg, Let Me Tell You!!

Yes, it's time once again for the adventures of the villain with the worst name ever:

Our set-up is the exact same as EVERY Dr. Mortal story:

And what are his plans?

Steam cabinet? And where exactly do you get lion entrails? Costco?

And the result?


Now, as Golden Age Science-created monsters go, these are no gombezi. But on the first low-tech missions, they seem to get the job done...

Now, Mortal's niece, Marlene, and her lovable hunk of a boyfriend Gary are always the ones to stop Mortal. And while this is only their second story, they already seem quite blasé about her uncle's crimes against nature:

What he'll do next is kick your asses!!

The lion-man is probably thinking to himself evil, sexist thoughts regarding Marlene's weight...

[Random thought: If Marlene is Dr. Mortal's niece, it's possible she shares the same last name, and so is named Marlene Mortal...]

Anyway, the local villagers have had enough!!

Yes, it's an actual villagers wielding pitchforks scene!!

Well, if they want a fight, by gum, Dr. Mortal will give them a fight!

The battle is on!!

Fortunately for the world...

So those lion men definitely aren't as good as the gombezi. If they couldn't even stand up to a mob of farmers, they really weren't ready for prime time, were they?

After a convenient lab fire, our punchline is the same as every Dr. Mortal story...

Yup. Dead, all right. Nope, not coming back. Ever. We definitely won't see him return every issue, nosirree!

From Weird Comics #2 (1940)

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SallyP said...

Boy, those two do like to rain on Dr. Mortal's parade!