Sunday, March 10, 2013

Health Care Crisis, 1950s Style!

Poor Lora has to care for her bed-ridden sister, who was badly injured in a car accident.

Well, there's a doctor she's found, who can cure the girl!



A doctor will to waive his fee? A major operation hundred dollars?!? A hospital willing to proceed on the "pay me whenever you can" plan? Obviously, this is a science fiction comic!!

Just for the record, $100 in 1952 translates to about $941 in 2012 dinero.So I guess health care costs have gone up a teensy bit more than the rate of inflation over that span...

From My Desire Intimate Confessions #4 (1950), as reprinted in Almanac Of Crime #2 (1950). Yes,. I know that makes no sense.

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SallyP said...

You'll all be pleased to hear that the operation was a success! I CAN walk again!

Too bad we stiffed the doctor.