Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday Night Fights--Mer-Mutant Style!!

Namor, Namor, Namor...when are you going to learn to stop thinking with your....ahem?

This is a relevant question for this week's Friday Night Fights, because the dashing Sub-Mariner let's himself get lured by a pretty face into a nasty ambush.

We start with a shot of Namor that Sally will really appreciate:

Of course she does, you old hound dog.

Sadly, she's leading you into an underwater kidnap scheme:'s on!!


Fortunately, the lesson was learned, and Namor never again let himself be led by his loins...

Spacebooger would like to thank me for avoiding the obvious mermaid and "tail" jokes.

Namor lets a pretty lady lead him down a dark alley in Sub-Mariner #54 (1972), by Mike Friedrich and Alan Weiss.

Now is the time for you to go and vote for my fight. Why? I dunno. Just go vote!!


The Hill said...


snell said...

It sounded a lot better underwater...

The Hill said...

Of course, I did not allow for the underwater effect. Silly of me.

'Men of the hated surface world would call her a mermaid... and I can't be bothered to remember what word we use down here, so I'll just use their word, even though I hate them.'

SallyP said...

Oh My God. You have TWELVE votes for the most magnificent battle! I haven't seen so many spectacular Butt shots since I last read a Gil Kane Green Lantern book!

I...I'm feeling a swoon coming on.